Judy McKenzie


At the age of 60, Judy left her career in the design and print industry and enrolled for a BA in 3D Craft and Design, going on to study for an MA in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art where she developed an interest in the ancient ceramic processes of Nerikomi and Kintsugi. 


With Nerikomi, every detail of a piece is worked by hand, from colouring the porcelain with stains and oxides, to forming patterns and creating designs, but ultimately the process allows the clay to distort and twist, giving rise to unique patterns. No glaze is used, but each piece is polished to create a silky-smooth surface that highlights the beauty of porcelain. 


Kintsugi embraces the imperfections that can occur during the extremities of construction and firing. Highlighting a crack in the porcelain with a silver mend emphasises the beauty that can be found in imperfection and fragility, making it something to be treasured.