Stewart Edmondson

Stewart Edmondson is a contemporary landscape artist based in Dartmoor National Park, Devon. Working 'en plein air' throughout the seasons and in all weathers, he draws inspiration from the light and energy of his dramatic rural surroundings, allowing the physical effect of rain and wind to contribute to the surface details of his works. His large-scale, mixed media and watercolour paintings of woods and moorland feature in fine art collections around the world.
Artist's statement:
"Being in the woods can be like going into a cathedral. It starts to feel quite holy. If there is a strong wind it moves the paint around, and that can be utterly catastrophic, and sometimes it absolutely creates something. I love it when you get rain blowing in across the painting and it creates something I couldn't have planned. That is the magic of it for me. What comes out of that is a real relationship with a place when you are painting it."