Hannah Billingham: Featured Artist

1 - 30 July 2022

Throughout July, Whitewater Contemporary presents new work by artist Hannah Billingham, this year’s Prestige Award’s Yorkshire Ceramic Artist of the Year. She was also awarded the Gibney Prize for Outstanding Achievement in 2016 and was nominated for the Emerging Artist Award in 2019.



Since her successful show at Whitewater in 2021, Hannah’s practice has continued to develop and she has moved to a larger studio space, which has allowed her to explore new forms and create work on a larger scale. Hannah’s practice combines her passion for clay, glazes, texture, and in particular her obsessive love of symmetry and perfection. Her delicate, hand thrown ceramic forms are precision detailed with an intricate surface of raised slip-trail dots, created in naturally occurring patterns that emerge from the artist’s subconscious as she works. This gives them what she calls ‘significant therapeutic value’ as the raw, white stoneware clay is transformed into beautiful artworks defined by rhythmic and predictable patterns. Her work is inspired by naturally occurring patterns in nature, and by the work of artists such 20th century ‘Op Artist’ Bridget Riley and contemporary Mandala painter Elspeth McLean.