Suki Wapshott: Featured Artist

1 - 29 November 2021




This November, we presents an exhibition by painter Suki Wapshott.



Her new collection reflects the artistic ideology of the great Romantics - painters, writers and poets who have experienced the joy and heartbreak of real life, and then poured that energy into works inspired by the sublime beauty of the natural world and its relationship with human spirituality. In particular, these paintings explore concepts of ‘inscape’ and ‘instress’, which poet Gerard Manley Hopkins termed as ‘the unification of the characteristics of each thing or place’. In the great tradition of Romanticism, Suki’s love of both literature and landscape have always been the driving force behind her work. This collection of 18 paintings, inspired by the silence of the setting sun, or a squall rushing in on a sudden breeze, demonstrates her unique passion and talent for emotive landscape.