Hannah Billingham: Featured Artist

1 - 30 July 2021

Throughout July, Whitewater Contemporary presents new work by award winning ceramicist Hannah Billingham, as part of the gallery’s 2021 Featured Artist series.



Hannah was awarded the Gibney Prize for Outstanding Achievement at Lincoln College of Art & Design in 2016, and was nominated for the Emerging Artist Award in 2019. Her practice combines a passion for clay, glazes and texture with an obsessive love of symmetry and perfection. She begins by throwing delicate ceramic forms on the wheel, later hand detailing each one with surface decorations inspired by naturally occurring patterns in coral and sea life, along with the shapes her subconscious creates while in deep concentration. Rhythm and repetition are an important part of the making process - finished works may have been kiln fired as many as three times - and her unique approach to glaze chemistry has resulted in a fine balance of colours that accentuate her elaborately dotted surfaces.

This collection will include stemmed vases, lidded jars and flared forms, all decorated with her iconic dot designs and glazed in a palette of copper blues, ivory tones, and soft black and white, with accents of gold lustre and mother of pearl.